LG GW620

Here some of the popular Roms for GW620(openeve and openetna)


System image for CM9 (ICS 4.0.3) ALPHA

<h2>*** EXPERIMENTAL ***</h2>
== Work ==
 * WiFi / SMS(MMS) / sound …
== Not work ==
 * HotSpot / USB Tethering
 * USB Mass-Storage
 * Camera
 * etc…
== Changes ==
 * backport libaudio (almost same as https://github.com/TeamICS)
 * backport netfilter kernel driver from lge-kernel-star (by rmcc)
 * MMS fix (backport some CM7 commit and OpenEtna/OpenEVE GB patch)
 * LED fix (not completed) from OpenEtna/OpenEVE GB patch
== Thanks ==
The following links are from my bookmark
and I found that these works already applied into CM9.
Thanks for all xda / CM9 work!!
 - https://github.com/TeamICS
  – http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1362062
 - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1314781&page=20
 - https://github.com/mikegapinski
 - https://github.com/t0mm13b
 boot-ics-120112-alpha.zip   3.8 MB
== Changes ==
 * netfilter kernel backport by rmcc from lge-kernel-star at CM7 source
  – https://github.com/CyanogenMod/lge-kernel-star
 * changed bootlogo color
 update-cm9-alpha-20120113.zip   13.3 MB
== Changes ==
 * applied 2D copybit patch to speed up 2d performance:
  – http://review.cyanogenmod.com/#change,11167 by Arne Coucheron
 * fixed refresh rate (fixed libgralloc to set fps correctly) to fix graphic effect issue.
 * fixed vibrator
== Installation ==
 * fastboot boot recovery.img to use CWM recovery mode
 * install update-alpha*zip under CWM recovery mode
 * cleanup cache, cleanup dalvik-cache(advanced menu)
 * reboot

Latest Rom: Firedroidmod 4.1 for GW620 Android 2.3.7

==Changes ===
– Download Universal Link (CyanogenMod), rename ‘gapps-update.zip’ and put in SDCard.
===  system-img-22102011.zip ===
FD Launcher:
better performance;
You can add themes in directory: "sdcard/firedroidmod/FDLauncher/theme";
* png files updated
* "su" updated
* FM Radio work ( Issue #4 )
* DSPManager(Equalizer) work again(thanks Carcinus – Issue #16)
* Screenshot work again
=== boot-img-27102011.zip  ===
* Fixed Issue #18 – SD applications
* BFQ scheduler fixed
* new driver wifi
* +12MB RAM
* 710mhz – default
* 720mhz(added- Use at Own Risk!)
* 732mhz(added- Use at Own Risk!)

Quick install cyanogen 7.1 on GW620

for GB 2.3.5
boot-gb235-224mb is recommended.
boot-gb235-236mb is confirmed for V20G
for GB 2.3.7 boot-gb237-224mb is recommended.
boot-gb237-236mb is confirmed for V20G
Quick tip: a complete wipe once at the time, it will help (:
download the gapps from http://goo-inside.me/gapps/
recommended: gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip
adb push boot-gb23X-XXXXXXX-XXXmb.zip /sdcard/
adb push gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip /sdcard/
unzip the system-gb-20111011-snapshot.zip
fastboot flash system system-gb-20111011-snapshot.img
fastboot boot recovery-EVE-
when the recovery image boot, select install zip file from
sdcard and install the boot-gb23X-XXXXXXX-XXXmb.zip the same for gapps and reboot




287 Responses to LG GW620

  1. Ali


  2. paolo

    Thank you very much for this new life opportunity for GW620. You are SUPER!

    • root

      @paolo thansk for your comments and please share this new mirror with all your friends

  3. darkbeuh

    This is a nice initiative but I can’t complete a single download so files are incomplete.

    I managed to get a little file but then… password …

    I’m in desperate need of files that I can only find here but no luck …

    • root

      @darkbeuh we are experiencing problems with some guys (hackers) because they are doing DDOS and leeching, what files are you trying to download?

  4. zam

    I got android 1.6 on my gw620. this fw version doesn’t have a fastboot mode. how can I install this rom?? please explain me! thank u!

    • root

      @zam hi! If your gw620 don’t have the fastboot first you need to replace the current firmware with one of the official within, before you start you need to know what baseband is using currently (gsm 850 900 1200 3g aswell) after that here in the firmware folder choose the correct one

  5. nejm

    What gapps do I need for GB235 110906 ?

  6. nejm

    Sorry, which version gapps do i need for GB235 110906 ?

  7. nejm

    A.. I putt gapps-gb-20110613-signed.zip and gapps-gb-20110828-signed on my SD. Use boot-gb234-110509-rndis-224mb.zip boot.img and, when my phone for the first time start, he dont install GAPPS and my WiFi dont work.. and no market. I know i need install gapps 4 the wifi but ..i dont know how. There is no intro android logo animation and stuff like thet, wen i start phone 4 the first time.. so he dont install gapps.

  8. nejm

    Thet is 4 gapps: gapps-gb-20110307-signed …so I putt gapps-gb-20110307-signed on SD. Do ./15checkapps again and it say: bookphone.apk: read only..

    So, I need to back on 2.3.4 GB..0511.

    Tnx 4 support.

  9. sdvina



    Thank you very much for this new life opportunity for GW620.

  11. Mundbora

    I get the same thing when I try this. I haven’t been able to chmod the file to allow rw access either but I am no pro.

  12. Mundbora

    Thanks root. I did it a bit differently.

    I changed the file permissions by following this post on droidforums and then I follwed your instructions to install the gapps:

    QUESTION: I am trying to use chmod so I can write to /system/app.

    I have tried the following with the following results:

    chmod 755 /system/app
    Unable to chmod /system/app: Read-only file system

    The goal: I am trying to move some .apk files from my sdcard into that folder.

    run this fro a terminal then you can chmod

    mount -o remount,rw -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system

    • root

      thanks for your feedback

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  14. Jon

    Where is the boot file?. I found “system” but not “boot”. I have the 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread.
    What enhancements are compared to 2.3.4?.
    Thank you.

    • root

      @jon according to the developers recommended boot.img is boot-gb234-110509-rndis-224mb.zip you can get if from the ROM folder — openeve — GB234 110529

      • Michael

        Hi, I use the boot-gb234-110509-rndis-236mb; is it useless or wrong? Is it better to use the 224MB version? Thanks

        • root

          @michael if you are using the latestet rom is mandatory for the rom.version 2.3.5 but if not is totally regarless ;)

  15. Mundbora

    I tried the latest ROM 110906 but after three wipes/flashes kept getting a WiFi error and wasn’t able to connect at all. all. Anyone else seeing this?

    Also..is it ok to post questions like this here?

    • root

      @mundbora it’s ok to post them here. there’s no problem
      just remember according to the developer the latest rom is an experimental build and there some issues still

      fixed issue #149 : wireless uses too much power to transmit
      – fixed WiFi power consumption problem.

  16. Mundbora

    cool, thanks and I know i’s a work in progress. So which ROM do you think is the best overall? So far I am using the Chinese ROM 2.3.4CHSO

    • root

      hi mundbora so far i tested the latest stable release is the system-gb-20110529-BETA.zip great build and very stable in the most part of the time

  17. Michael

    Hi, do you think BlueTooth for phone use, defective in system-gb-20110906 will be fixed some day? Thanks for your opinion.

    • root

      @michael at this moment I think only in the latest froyo is working 100% even with files transfer but in GB I never tried maybe when the developers stabilize the build it will work well again

  18. CrisRS92

    with the latest versions of gingerbread 2.3.5, installing applications that I have saved with MyBackup on the SD card, the phone constantly restarts, same thing has happened to them? I speak Spanish, sorry for the mistakes when writing



    I cannot gain access to the fastboot and have read that installing the rom v20d_00 is obtained, but I cannot happen in the discharge of 4 famous %, and with the mobile in emergency mode.

    Does there exist any other way of being able to manage to have fasboot?

    Thank you

    • root

      @franecho is you enter only in emergency mode that means your firmware have not the fastboot enable, please try to follow the steps to gain fastboot again but now select the right firmware according to your baseband (850, 1200 etc etc) after that poweroff the phone and start it pressing the space bar at the same time
      I hope it helps

  20. MVMK

    hi everyone, will it be cool to use the

    latest rom: OPEN EVE GB235 110918,

    boot: boot-gb234-110509-rndis-224mb.zip

    gapps: gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip

    the point is that will they work fine together?

    thanks in advance.

    • root

      @mvmk so far we know at this moment you can use the 20110613 gapps according to the developer but for ones works and others not, first thing to do is try with your recomendations in the meantime to stabilize this build

      • MVMK

        ok thanks root, i am going to flash my phone right away and will give u the result

  21. CrisRS92

    hello, where are the Chinese roms 2.3.4, there is a new rom based on 2.3.5?

    • root

      @crisrs92 the chinese rom is not available any more

  22. MVMK

    i am having a problem flashing the system file and the boot file. i am using the opnEtna windows flasher. the both file are having the extention of .zip but not in .img.

    i tried extracting them but i got an error message.

    • root

      @mvmk try to rename them to img because IE somethimes wont recognize the img file

      • MVMK

        i am using firefox

  23. minh

    I had to flashed the rom,”OPEN EVE GB235 110918″. It worked successfully, BUT, THE WIFI IS NOT WORKING!! WHY?!?!? When i try to trn on wifi, it says,”error”, underneath the wifi.

    • root

      @minh try to wipe first and then re-flash

      • minh

        I did. before I flashed everything, I typed in, fastboot -w, to wipe everything out. And, I don’t have the google apps, like, market, gmail, etc.

  24. MVMK

    i used another method, flashing the zip file from sd card using the amon ra recovery.
    the boot and gapps were sucessful but the system got an error message:
    install from sdcard
    finding update package
    opening update package
    installing update
    E:can’t find and update script
    installation aborted.

  25. MVMK

    i rename the boot and the system to img but i got a message from opnetna windows flasher.

    writing boot:remote image is not a boot image.
    writing system:flash write failure

  26. MVMK

    @ Root. do u have any idea on how i can do this flashing correct?

    • root

      @mvmk take a look at this

      CyanogenMod 7.0 support clockwork recovery.img
      GW620/KH5200 does not support a recovery partion but anyway you can use it with fastboot boot command like as
      fastboot boot my-recovery.imgRecovery modedownload gb-recovery.img
      fastboot.exe boot gb-recovery.img (not fastboot.exe flash boot …)
      mount USB storage and install .zipselect mounts and storage
      mount USB storage
      copy .zip (a update.zip style file) into the USB storage (sdcard)
      unmount and press BACK
      select install zip from sdcard
      select choose zip from sdcard
      select your zip.
      select YES
      press BACK

      you have to install boot*.zip under RecoveryMode
      you can also install gapps-gb-*zip/update-*.zip under RecoveryMode
      Clockwork RecoverySome useful guide for the clockwork recovery menu

    • root
  27. ken

    There isn’t the java?

    • root

      @ken what you mean with java?

      • ken

        I need use a number of Java Applications

        • root

          @ken could you please be more specific, with android Gingerbread you can install JBed and them run java apps and games

  28. MVMK

    hi root, i am still having problem with the .img file. The .img file is in a .zip folder and i have use a lot of good software to extract the .img file but i always got an error message. I try another file but i couldnot extract any .img file from a .zip folder. Thanks Root.

    • root

      @mvmk did you read the last links that i post ????

  29. Lemomina

    This is great :D . I hope you Add it with the latest OpenEve version ( http://code.google.com/p/openeve/downloads/list )
    Also there is FireDroidMod ( http://code.google.com/p/firedroidmod/ )

    • root

      @lemomina Thanks for your recomendations all the roms will be added !!! please let us know if you know any other rom available for gw620

  30. Mundbora

    I loaded up the latest Firedroid last night. The gapps didn’t install automatically but I manually installed them through the checkgapps procedure mentioned a while back. So far things look really good. Radio doesn’t seem to work though. Not a surprise. Good build though!

    • root

      @mundbora thanks for your feedback

  31. Darwin

    hello, to download the rom but when trying to remove them I get an error that I can do to fix I would like to upgrade my phone on me to stay poqrue froyo version 2.2 and I would like to upgrade to 2.3.5 please help gingerbread.

    • root

      @darwin: please clarify your question

      did you try with a wipe ?

  32. Eduardo

    thanks for your post looks roms install a tlf here and stay in the V20G_00 version
    I NEED V10H_00 remain in the version you can make this downgrade? How? excuse my English but it is for Google, I appreciate if you help me

  33. URKO

    thanks for your post and downloaded a rom the GB234110511 works well but left me with firmware V20G_00 and I can return to the original version Is there any way to re-V10H_00? Thanks in advance for your help

    • root

      @urko you wanto downgrade your phone? If you do this could lose the fastboot and with it the posibility to install a custom rom, on the other hand you can only downgrade your rom to 1.5 or. 1.6 with tolerom, don’t know if this is your question


  34. URKO


  35. Eduardo

    MY PROBLEM IS THAT I CAN NOT RETURN TO THE ROM 1.5 or 1.6 because I Install a version that brought the ROM V20G_00 GB234110511
    You can return to 1.5 or 1.6 from ROM GB234110511?

    • root

      @eduardo no problem at all you can go down with tolerom, remember you still have fastboot so… that means you can install the tolerom 1.6 with no prroblem just googleit, here in the mirror you can download the tolerom package

      Hope it help you

  36. MVMK

    @Root, i read and checked the last page but they are all not relating to unzipping an .img file. I tried very hard to unzip it but i always got an error message from the software.
    thanks again..

    • root

      @mvmk sorry for the delay, i was looking for a good manual to help you, but unfortunately i just found this one http://forum.openetna.com/index.php?topic=1323.0 please just follow step by step al the instructions, and remember some versions’ files could change

    • lina

      Please i cant follow all those steps.i still have 1.5 version. All i want is to download phone appli like viber and whatsapp ..But i m not specialist to understand the tutorial.is there any way to upgrade easily.or plz give me a simple tutorial for biginner.

  37. CrisRS92

    hello to you which is the best ROM?, not to mention the latest 2.3.5 (I do not work), I have the Chinese version CH +, this was the last, but you remove it, because the Chinese ROMs no longer use?? for me are the best.

    • root

      @crisrs92 try with the latest openeve stable 20110529 this is the build that I have now

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  39. root

    hi Guys today added the new openetna 2.3.7


    Installed the GW620 to OpenEve2.3.7 LG. But the error is WiFi. What solution to the problem?


    Chinese version 2.3.5 version of the CH + LG GW620 good, works fine. 2.3.5 and 2.3.7 versions, the error is because the continuous WiFi.

    • root

      @metin sutcu thanks for you feedback could you please share with us where you get the rom Chinese version 2.3.5 version of the CH + LG GW620 in order to post here


  42. CrisRS92

    for GB 2.3.5
    boot-gb235-224mb is recommended.
    boot-gb235-236mb is confirmed for V20G*//

    where download the boot-gb235-224mb?
    or is the same as the 234?


    • root

      @crisrs92 not they are different check inside of roms … openeve … 20111011 there you can download them


    Dear root! Chinese version 2.3.4 version of the CH + LG GW620 good, works fine. 2.3.5 and 2.3.7 versions, the error is because the continuous WiFi.

  44. root

    Hello Guys, we have an update for the boot files please be advised!! GB237-20111015

  45. nejm

    I still have problems with gapps. I try thisone 2.3.7.. various this 2.3.7 boot’s but no gapps. I rename gapps in to “gapps-update.zip” but same thing.

    I try to instal gapps whit recavery mod. Instal them but phon crash whit evry start.

    Did I do something wrong?

    I do:

    Download bootxxx-zip
    Download systemxxx.zip

    Unzip boot.zip and putt ONLY boot.img in to tool folder (For what are the other file’s in boot.zip ?? ..i only putt boot.img in to tool folder).

    Unzip system.zip and put system.img in to tool folder.

    Flash gw620 whit CMD:

    Fastboot -w
    Fastboot flash boot boot.img
    Fastboot flash system sytsme.img

    And.. that’s all.

    Any error in my work.. ?

    • root

      @nejm: please check the quick guide to install again. :D
      1) the boot-XXXX.zip will place in the /sdcard
      adb push boot-gb23X-XXXXXXX-XXXmb.zip /sdcard/
      adb push gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip /sdcard/
      or you can copy these files manually to the SDCARD

      2) do not unzip the boot.zip
      copy the boot-xxx.zip to the SDCARD aswell

      3) Fastboot flash system sytsme.img

      4) boot the recovery img
      fastboot boot recovery-EVE-

      5)when the recovery image boot, select install zip file from
      sdcard and install the boot-gb23X-XXXXXXX-XXXmb.zip the same for the gapps and reboot

    • nejm

      1min after tahat, work nice. WiFi is on and.. market is here, hehe. I think it works good. Tnx m8 4 hellp and I will tell later how it works generally.

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  47. Mundbora

    I loaded up Firedroid 4 last night. Very nice looking theme and seems to run well. I don’t know about battery life yet.

    • root

      @mundbora nice to read you! Please let us know your experience with this rom comparated with the openetna

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  49. Mundbora

    FireDroid 4 update. So far so good. I loaded up Go Launcher Ex because the default them, although very cool, was slow. The phone runs smooth but there is no radio app which is odd. I’ve been running it with wifi and background data for 8 hours and I am at 60% battery. Everything seems good initially. It does seem slower than CHSO+ which I felt was the best overall so far.

  50. Mundbora

    Fire Droid 4 update. Phone’s been up for 21 hours and the battery is at 17%. 39% of that has been used by the display.

  51. Mundbora

    I’m now on the FD 4.1 load – radio works well and Twitter is gone which is cool.

  52. root

    @mundbora so many thanks for all your feedback now we have more info, i think is time to migrate to another rom!


  53. Mundbora

    Firdroid 4.1 update
    Since using this ROM for a day now I have noticed the following:

    - Camera is very responsive and has fair audio quality for video capture

    - the battery life is improved over the last release but I think the CHS still had better life.

    - The phone is stable but the market has occasional locks where I select wait and it clears.

    - The radio is good

    - Wifi is good

    - not sure about blue tooth

    - I haven’t been able to get a GPS lock since getting rid of the stock Android 1.5 but this isn’t an issue for me as Wifi location works well.

    • root

      @mundbora GREAT! Nice review, tomorrow I will follow you installing the firedroid to my gw620 ill give it a try
      Thanks again

      • Mundbora

        You are welcome! Glad it is ok to post this type of stuff. Let me know if your GPS works. Maybe it’s my hardware or something else.

  54. Mundbora

    Fire Droid 4.1 battery info -
    I switched over to my usual Go Launcher Ex and the battery has been doing pretty good. I’m at 60% after 21 hours of normal use.

    • root

      Just a question what you mean with normal use .? Using 3g & wifi or without these?

  55. mundbora

    Good points! I normally run wifi at home so mostly it hasn’t been on. I’ll check that. Normal use is light browsing and texting for me. I’m not a big talker and don’t play a lot of games. I’m at 29 hours and 37% currently under those conditions.

  56. BarataPT


    Nice work with this site N2K1 ;)

    I have a little problem, when i downloaded the system-gb-20111011-snapshot.zip and try extract receive always the same error, file corrupt. I already tried download again and again and the error stay the same. Anyone with the same problem?


    • root

      @barataPT fixed try again

  57. GEST

    MMS not work on FireDroid 4.1 with russian locale. MMS work on Russian only on FireDroid 2.3.5

  58. root

    for those who post about the problem with the filemanager i fixed using another temp solution for now, meanwhile i will fix the code in order to stop the file corruption

  59. Hamidreza

    i want to revert to original firmware, any one that can be flashed, what should i do? when i flash v10c.zip,v10g.zip,v10h.zip , i got error on writing system, remote: flash write failure

    what should i do? i want to send it for warranty, phone sd card reader gone

    • root

      @hamidreza originally the gw620 is sell with android 1.6 so you can use tolerom, now the firmware could be v10h

      • Hamidreza

        My modem version is v10g , and i used v10h.zip too , but when i try to flash system, i got error , remote: flash write failure , i can’t flash any of that original roms , same error, What should i do with this error?, i can flash gingerbread system file without any problems.

        • root

          @hamidreza here the solution for your problem

          • Hamidreza

            tnx, but that was not my solution,
            I want to comeback to 1.6 or 1.5 roms , but i never succeed , can anyone comeback to original roms here? i don’t know what is the problem , but i can flash latest 2.3.7 roms and i can’t flash 1.5 or 1.6 roms (v10c,v10g,v10h,v10f tested and no!!)
            what should i do? it made me crazy really, i want to send it to warranty service.

          • root

            @hamidreza as i told you the tolerom is 1.5 and 1.6 so if you can flash with 2.3.7 with no problem if you send it with the fastboot and tolerom will be fine. the “roms” that you mentions aren’t roms, are firmware v10c,v10g,v10h,v10f.

            the only thing that the techs check is the rom’s version for example 1.5 or 1.6

          • root

            @hamidreza I downgrade my gw620 with success first install the tolerom then enable the root with the ussd code (google it I can remember it) then flashit with the lg utility for windows

          • root

            @hamidreza here the link to downgrade your firmware

  60. CrisRS92

    Hello, I’ve been looking at China page, new ROM for the GW620, I found a gingerbread rom 2.3.5, called FishDroid
    Apparently runs pretty well, but I like the customization is very childish, I’m trying to customize it according to my tastes, I would like you to help me on how to change the bootlogo the beginning, my skills are limited, please give me instructions, and then will try to spend my ROM to your website. thanks

  61. Brian

    WHAT is this for. Can this work for LG GW620?
    Please guide me through this? What do i need

    • root

      @brian this is a android modded rom for the lh gw620, what you need is only the fastboot enable in your phone later on I will post you a guide for that

  62. Brian

    Can someone please tell me how to do this step by step. I really want my phone to become gingerbread 2.3.7.

  63. Poom

    I want to change keyboard layout. (CyanogenMod7.1.0)

    What tools and file to change?

    Please tell me . I’m have eve_qwerty.kl , xim.apk and etc .

    Thank you

    sorry for my bad english

    • root
      • Poom

        Thanks ROOT

        but I’m want to use THAI Hardware keyboard.How I can change language to Thai?


        My LG EVE is hot temperature at battery area.

        sorry for my bad english

        • root

          @poom. wow for thai? i have no idea what apk will work for that, only english or spanish maybe the chinese version will work for you

          • Poom

            I’m have Thai official rom and I ‘m extract file ready.

            Can I upload Thai official rom to you?


          • root

            @poom of course send to me to: android@cyanodroid.com the apk or if you want to upload the entire room letme know ill preparate a ftp thanks ill send to you the info later on

          • Poom


            This is Thai official Rom.


          • root

            @poom thank you very much for this contribution i will add to the rom’s repository

          • root


  64. miko

    did this firmware have a arabic support?

    • root

      @miko these roms only have english and spanish so far i know, but you can look for it in http://forum.openetna.com/

  65. miko

    thanks, but this firmware can just read messages in arabic and supporting arabic touch keybord?

  66. Poom

    Phone high temperature in 2.3.7 (CyanogenMod7.1.0)

    temperatures around 43ºC+ with this firmware?

    I have already set cpu max frequency to 528MHz but it’s still the same..

    About my phone:
    Modem version : GW620-V10g
    Mod Version : Cyanogen-7.1.0-10112011-OpenEVE-SNAPSHOT
    Kernel Version : #195


    • root

      @poom I think its too high for the normal operation without overclocking try with the lastest stable open eve 20110529 just to make sure everything with Ur battery is ok

  67. Thork

    Is there one that the bluetooth works right?The camera works sometimes. I have firedroid 4, can’t seem to get 4.1 to install. Thanks

  68. Thork

    I tried it, but it doesn’t work right with my car bluetooth.2011 kia soul

  69. vicky

    thank you 4 sharing ur OS :D
    i wonder if there is alphanumeric keypad screen in this version, coz i really want it sometimes(eve had small screen for qwerty keyboard on screen)
    n is there the way to calibrate the touchscreen?

    thank you

    • root

      @vicky there is no changes with the etna, eve, firedroid rom, every of them have the same keywork on screen, if you want to have another keyword more specific you can get it from the market
      unfortunately there is no way to calibrate the screen, but it work good in the most of the cases

      • vicky

        ok then, thank you root.
        u mean ‘get it from the market’ is download it from android market rite?

        • root

          @vicky yes on the android market app you can get your keyword

  70. vicky

    i use ‘system-gb-20111011-snapshot.img’ and ‘boot.img from boot-gb237-111025-224mb-r193.zip’
    then i use ‘gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip’
    when i start my eve, it command me to ‘touch’ the android in screen, i touch it n its nothing happen, i cant enter to menu, n stuck in ‘touch the android’

    can u tell me whats wrong with my eve?
    oyah i use winflasher to instal that roms

    • root

      @vicky remember with the new openetna and firedroid i think the process to install chage, so far i remember i use linux to flash so i can be sure in windows, but can help you to take a round into forum.openetna.com

  71. nejm

    Sorry bot how to instal boot boot-img-27102011.zip for fire droid 4.1 ? I try whit clockwork but dot work. So i use CMD and instal system and boot but on the screen i sow: “no kernel” message.

    So i instal FD whit some GB boot and i hope it whil work’s.

  72. nejm

    I download boot again and it works now but, light ist on low after LCD go off and on. Like whit openetna 2.2 old roms. I dont know why but i have thet problems whit a light on some rom’s. So I go back on 2.3.7.

    • root

      @nejm i never pass for it maybe some one into the forum could replicate this issues :S

  73. nejm

    Someone dont have light problem whit some rom’s, i have whit my phone so.. that is not a general problem. Maby it’s not a problem whit rom.

  74. Muhammad

    Hey Root I was wondering if anyone tried to create a Miui rom for the LG EVE?

    • root

      @muhammad a full miui rom is not available yet, only partially try with firedroidmod

  75. vicky

    root,can u gimme a link about how to downgrade lg eve?
    im really desperate how to make it to gingerbread,,,
    i just want it become froyo again, i was searching the trick, but i cant found it

    • root

      @vicky to downgrade just put your gw620 in fast boot mode and install the tolerom (android 1.6) or the lastest from openetna (android froyo)

  76. SargonAK

    Hey guys hey root, I have a question:

    I recently downgraded my LGGW620 from openetna RC7 to the stock Rogers firmware found on this site. I did this to unlock my phone as the openetna mod did not allow the unlock ussd code.

    My question is if I reflash to Firedroid will I keep my unlock? IF not can I downgrade again to Stock Rogers firmware from this site??

    • root

      @sargonak without any problem the unlock will be stay with the flash,

  77. Achilles

    Hey Guys ;

    I’ve updated my gw620 1.5 to firedroid 2.3.7 thanks to your site..

    Everything is perfect but have a problem wth the music player ..It doesn’t support m3u(playlist made by winamp) ..

    Android 1.5 recognized m3u files ..but firedroid doesn’t? what shoul ı do?
    Thanks ..

    • root

      achilles try to download the winamp for android better player ever

      • Achilles

        to “root” :

        thnx for the advice ; I’ve already started to use Mort player which recognizes “m3u” lists ..& before that I tried winamp & it didn’t recognize m3u lists either .. Anyway ..thnx again & I wish original player could recognize them ..

  78. SargonAK

    Also will I have to wipe the phone or can I just re write the rom onto the phone with the FireDroid mod?

  79. Franecho
    • root

      @franecho thanks for your comment could you please post this solution in english ?


  80. suleman

    Hi guys,

    Really need help here.

    So I updated to gingerbread but now wish to go to froyo. When I try flashing via opentna the following error comes up:

    usage: fastboot [ ]

    update reflash device from update.zip
    flashall flash boot + recovery + system
    flash [ ] write a file to a flash partition
    erase erase a flash partition
    getvar display a bootloader variable
    boot [ ] download and boot kernel
    flash:raw boot [ ] create bootimage and flash it
    devices list all connected devices
    reboot reboot device normally
    reboot-bootloader reboot device into bootloader

    -w erase userdata and cache
    -s specify device serial number
    -p specify product name
    -c override kernel commandline
    -i specify a custom USB vendor id
    -b specify a custom kernel base address
    -n specify the nand page size. default:
    *** Error… please review the error and restart flashing ***

    I have no clue what this means, I have various different boot and system files.

    PS. My phone doesnt start up as i stopps halfway into booting so i cant perform a factory reset. Please help!

    • root

      @suleman check the USB drivers for your phone, if you are in windows… but if you are running this in linux check the permissions in the udev

      BTW you can use this tutorial aswell http://forum.openetna.com/index.php?topic=184.0

      • suleman

        i checked the drivers and they are ok, the phone wont start and i think debug mode is deactivated.

        I have no clue what to do and how to resolve this

  81. jose

    Hi, i am on Venezuela i installed 2.3.7 in a lg gw620 but now the bands are from europe, and only works for digitel, my operator is movilnet that doesnt works with that bands, there is any way to put the other bands or downgrade the version for receive the bands that needs my operator?… thanks for your answer

    • root

      @jose sorry for the delay in my answer but now im OOF, the problem with your baseband is the firmware that you choose for the instalation check for the specific band and firmware, what is the current movilnet’s band? 850 ?? 900 ??

  82. salman

    .WHY???..google maps—-not suport.

    • root

      @salman actually google maps is ready to install but according to your country in the market is not available, but install the market enabler and fake the Tmobile provider and violaa! you will install the google maps app

  83. MarteloBR


    It’s me again…

    I discovered if i attach a file with 1kb the mms work like a charm…

    What value i need to insert to fix this in mms_config.xml????
    maxMessageSize”>0307200 not working very whell…

    Thanks for advice!

  84. MarteloBR

    The above message is about:


    Everything working really fine!


  85. MarteloBR

    Sorry about floading…

    Forgot, the problem is about Resing multimidia files in MMS…

    Image size too large…


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  87. CRS92

    is possible downgrading the firmware V20G with fastboot to V10H??.
    I upgrade to V20I of openeve and V20G, but the mobile is slower, you can return to the V10H?

  88. kenny

    my GW620 runs 1.5 V10c rom with no fastboot can anyone xplane step by step how i can install a fastboot rom and which 1 to download and pls how do i check my baseband

  89. DrakeStorm

    can u tell me what rom is stable and best tryied some but get some crashes.. and now i wana instal a good one. thx and waiting for your replay

    • root

      @drakestorm sorry for the delay, the latest is the openeve boot-gb234-110509-rndis-236mb.zip and boot-gb234-110509-rndis-224mb.zip

  90. dealscell

    I updated to the latest LG 620R firmware and the secret menu option for enabling root permissions is gone. Does this mean updating it is no longer possible?

    On the GW620 dial “3845#*620#” to get in to the secret menu
    Tap “Module Test” then tap “Stability Test” then tap “Enable Root Permission”

    • root

      @dealscell the new roms are already rooted! no more secret menu

  91. phutse

    wat is the diff bw various kdz file versions like v10d, v10e, v20d and so on ….. ie 10 and 20 … then with d,e,g,t and so on

  92. Tony


    I’m new to rooting and all… just flashed LG620_Froyo_boot-710.img with the official Korean Froyo system.img

    All completed successfully and everything looks good. BUT, I dont have root? I keyed in the dail code for hidden menu but “Enable Root… ” is not there. I installed SetCPU and the app prompted no root permission.

    any advise what’s going on?

    • root

      @tony with all the modified roms you already have ROOT

      • Tony

        @root thanks for getting back. yes. I understand that I should have root with the modified roms installed but I do seem to have root…
        - at ADB command line, I am unable reach adb shell. adb devices shows that I am connected.
        - when I tried to run SetCPU app, I get “Root access not detected” message…

        Not sure why…

        I’m thinkinog trying openetna… canyou advise which openenta GB roms is most stable?


        • Tony

          sorry… typo in my last reply…. I meant
          “I should have root with the modified roms but I don’t…. “

        • root

          @tony for the ADB if you are using linux check the udev settings (forum.openetna.com) on the other hand the stable release for OE is from may 2011

          • Tony

            @root Thanks for the response.

            I’m running V20G system & 710 boot (flashed from v10g). To go GB, do have to have use boot-236mb img for V20G? or can I use the usual GB boot-224mb img?


          • Tony

            Just put the 2.3.4 package on. wow! It’s much smoother than 2.2 (even with the 710 overclock)… nice!

            Thanks for the tips!!

  93. dealscell

    You are very helpful in here Root. ty

    I used my root access to delete some necessary apk files on my phone and want to trick the LG update tool to update me to 1.6 again.

    I believe I want to use the kdz_fw_upd tool to flash an old firmware that supports fastboot and then load the original_rogers_1.5 ROM via fastboot

    Then I should be able to use the LG tool to upgrade to stock Rogers 1.6

    I am unsure which old firmware to load. This is what I am running now:

    firmware: 1.6
    kernal:2.6.29 lge@new1 #2
    software: gw620rat-00-v10q-302-72-nov-01-2010

    Which firmware should I choose from http://cyanogenroms.com/gw_620/

    How is my plan?

    • root

      @dealscell the best option for you wil be the latest openeve

      • dealscell

        My problem is that I don’t have the ability to put the phone in a recovery mode so that I can fastboot an image like openeve on it.

        I am trying to find a way to downgrade my phone so that it has this ability.

      • Mind

        I have LG GW620 with
        Android 2.2.1
        Kernel v:
        mod version:openetna/cyanogenmod-6.1
        modem version: GW620-v10g
        *and i have a V20D_00 file that i need to flash it on my device with the KDZ_FW_UPD but the program gives “Phone not connected”.
        Tried on fastboot, imergency mode,
        debugging on or off but no change.
        The driver is installed in the device manager but don’t know whats the issue.
        Can you please give me a step by step solution as um not an expert.

        thank you

  94. Omar

    Can you help me? i want to convert the mexican kdz of gw620f to system.img and boot.img can you help me¿ the kdz is here http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WEBSW/GW620f/ATCLBK/V10a_02/V10A_02.kdz

  95. miko

    i need to explore a system.img file to replace the old applications by new application.
    witch windows (7) application can help me to do that?

  96. Vrailink

    Is openeve system-gb-20110529-BETA.zip still the most stable rom?

  97. Andre

    OpenEve published their first ICS Alpha Rom for GW620, keep updated! ;)

    • Tony

      wow… cool!

  98. nunoglu

    Alpha Rom GW620, slowed down the phone too. the system is very aggravated.

  99. ivar

    which one is the original 1.5 rom?

  100. Alejandro

    Great, thanks for your good job!!! from Spain

  101. hejol

    boot-ics-120112-alpha.zip and system-ics-cm9-20120113-ALPHA.7z – ICS isn’t acting nothing, there is no neither of signal of the network. neither wi-fi, and after installing gapps it is to configure impossible fona, isn’t going. my phon is lg gw620 and I have installed now system-gb-20120109-snapshot.zip and boot-gb237-111025-224mb-r193.zip and on it nicely walks.
    Version GW620 modem – V10e, number of the GWK74 compilation, version of CM7 alteration. 2.0 2.3.7 GB.
    I apologise for inaccurate English I am from Poland

    • Andre

      Network signal works but it’s really slow. Wi-fi doesn’t yet. If you read the developers’ official page, they marked this rom as EXPERIMENTAL. It’s an alpha, not even possible to use it daily. Hope they release e full working version soon!

  102. MarteloBR

    Yes Vrailink,

    For me the CM7.0 2.3.4 is the best!

    Everything works, no bugs!

    System image for CyanogenMod7.1.0-RC0 (Gingerbread2.3.4) BETA

    See ya!

    • Vrailink

      Yes thanks. I installed it and everything works smooth again. :D

  103. hejol

    ICS 4.03 the network is lacking the signal, lack of the rotation screens, after installing gapps under ICS, great he walks but one is allowed. But he is looking good

  104. hejol

    I welcome
    I have a problem after installing any roomu up to my phone (LG GW 620) frequent resets of the phone always appear, is resetting oneself while using.
    Always before installing the new system and boota I am doing this way:

    fastboot -w

    then he is installing the system:

    fastboot flash system… footpath to the file on the computer

    then through recovers I am loading boot and gapps

  105. Nejm..

    How to instal ICS ? I see this:

    Installation ==
    * fastboot boot recovery.img to use CWM recovery mode
    * install update-alpha*zip under CWM recovery mode
    * cleanup cache, cleanup dalvik-cache(advanced menu)
    * reboot

    But what to do whit “boot-ics-120112-alpha.zip” ?

    I instal only (whit CW) update but nothing happen. Only green ginger android logo. After that, I instal ICS boot and “update”. Now i see blue android logo but thats it. I cant get in to a phone.

  106. hejol

    boot-ics-120120-alpha-rndis.zip and update-alpha-20120121.zip nice walk there is already an automatic_rotation, wi-fi, farther a network is lacking the signal, a card is missing sim.
    generally pretty and ok

    • Andre

      I just cannot get wi-fi working. how did you flash??

  107. hejol

    by hand I entered in of placing and I gave scan and then I hauled my network in on the router and I patted the password in and that’s all

    • Andre

      I meant how did you flash the system, the update and the kernel/boot?
      on my phone wi-fi doesn’t even turn on.

  108. hejol

    fastboot flash system /….. / system-ics-cm9-20120113-ALPHA.7z

    then into recovers:

    boot-ics-120120-alpha-rndis.zipi, update-alpha-20120121.zip +gapps-ics- 20111125-2.zip

    • Andre

      that’s how I did every time…….mmmmmmh ok I’ll give it another try. thank you!

    • teo

      ICS, phone is working ? thks

  109. android versions

    I just like the valuable information you supply to your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m reasonably certain I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the following!

  110. soshan

    can i downgrad gw620 ?
    if yes, plz guid me.

  111. miko

    i have a problems with all camera apps of system and camera applications (downloaded) for the zoom option ( camera crashes , zoom not supporting, virtual zoom:when i
    take a photo by zooming, but the tacked photo is normal(without zoom))
    i trying : firedroid4.1, openeve,openetna, tolerom…
    my phone: gw620 Korean >>> any solution?

    • Andre

      Install FireDroid 3.2. It’s the only one making everything work.

      • miko

        thanks andre good solution

      • miko

        i tested firedroid it is not cool
        i use actualy firedoid 4.1, i wont a camera application work with zoom and no crashes or problems :-(

        • miko

          i tested firedroid 3.2, it is not cool
          i use actualy firedoid 4.1, i wont a camera application work with zoom and no crashes or problems

          • Andre

            You just have to flash firedroid 3.2 the right way. Camera works fine with zoom too.

  112. hejol

    As at the moment as at me steadily System-pl-20120109-snapshot.zip and boot-gb237-111025-224MB-r193.zip are lacking cannon reset, is acting steadily

  113. miko

    @ andre, i have anther problem with the fastboot: it is despair, i can’t enter fastboot by power and space bottons. i tray
    superoneclik, it is work very good but can’t do the restar ofter finshing of the patch.
    i need to make a fastboot partition for my phone but i do not haw?

    • Andre

      Which rom are you
      working on?

      • miko

        @ andre: the rom is :
        and i’m stoking her
        i want a fastboot to flash firedroid 3.2

      • miko

        @ andre: the rom is :
        and i’m stoking her
        i want a fastboot to flash firedroid 3.2
        i just want my phone work correctly( wis camera zoom, Bluetooth,calls,music

  114. Andre

    if you flash a stock rom you have no root. you have to root the phone again.
    download SuperuserLG and extract it in the subdirectory “tools” in your sdk directory
    connect it to your PC and be sure you have installed the drivers. run adb and launch these commands:

    adb shell
    adb remount
    cd /”your_sdk_directory”/tools/superuser-LG
    adb shell cat /system/xbin/su > /system/xbin/su.original
    adb push bin/su /system/xbin/su
    adb push bin/su /system/bin/su
    adb shell chmod 4755 /system/xbin/su
    adb shell chmod 4755 /system/bin/su
    adb install bin/Superuser.apk
    adb shell id

    if you did it right, you should receive a message “root”

    • Andre

      oh I forgot. if adb doesn’t work you have to enter the phone app and type 3845#*620*# to enter secret menu, than select “module test” and than “stability test”, than “enable root permission”

  115. miko

    @andre thanx for your help to restore my fastboot.
    i flashed firedroid v3.2, and the camera work with no crashes but the zoom option is virtual: i mack zoom and i tack a photo, than i find it without zoom… you have a good experience in this domain, did you have anther idea to repair the zoom option?

    • Andre

      I confess i rarely use camera, but gw620 has no default zoom option, so i don’t really know if there is a way to do what you want. Try installing a new camera app.

  116. miko

    @andre thanx for your help… any way i’m so happy for your support and your interested :-)

  117. Nejm

    Can someone pls help me. I have big problem whit drivers.

    I instal new win 7 x64 and after several updates of windows, i cant get conections whit pc and gw620.

    In CMD, after one comand, i see: waitnig for device.

    I try several drivers from internet but again, no conections. I instal win7 x64 again, instar only one drivers from LG site, but again: waiting for device.

    Now i cant instal/flash rom’s. Can somebody know how to fix this ?

    • Andre

      You also have to install the android drivers. The phone must be installed as “Android Phone”->”Adb Interface”. When you plug the phone, discard the windows’ automatic installation and manually install it chosing by the list of known hardware. I don’t use windows in English so can’t be more accurated.

      • Mustafa

        My phone is stuck on LG Android logo and doesn’t come on at all.
        I flashed it with a V20D file using KDZ-FW-UPD and i’m facing this problem.
        my device has no fastboot now, only emergency mode and the ADB driver is installed on my PC but i don’t know what to do now,
        please advise with simple steps as i don’t know much about android upgrading

  118. Nejm

    Tnx but I fix this whit winFlasher drivers. Now is ok.

  119. Rammy

    Hi hope you can help. I have flashed the phone gw620 with the 6.3-rc7 & all is now working (brain a bit fried noob)I just need to sort the phone been used as a mass storage device in normal mode (Win7x86). The drive shows up as but when selected it says “please insert a disc into removable disc”. From the device manager the drive shows as “HTC Android Phone USB Device”? I have tried every driver going but with no joy what am I doing wrong is there a setting in the phone I need to adjust or something.

  120. Rammy

    Sorry forgot to mention I get no USB connected notifications on the phone when connecting to the PC. The PC detects it OK just can not read the SD card.

  121. hosein

    I download Froyo_GW620_officially_LG.rar but i can’t Extract it becouse protected with password. what is the password?

  122. Nejm

    Is ther a GB rom without cyanoge ? Just to try him..

    • Andre

      No. ToleRom and PenguinRom are 1.6 and 2.2. The only 2.3s are CyanogenMod based.

  123. Nejm

    hosein – Pass is: openetna
    Andre – Ok, tnx 4 the info

  124. Factor

    Hello sir , I have a LG GW620 of following details:-
    Android version : 2.2
    Kernel Version :
    Build Number :Froyo.v20d
    Software Version:GW620-V20D
    I want to update my GW620 to Gingerbread but first and most problem is that I am unable to boot my mobile in fastboot mode while a have tried ” Menu + Space / Down Vol Key _ Space + Camera Key /Middle Button + Camera Key ” but I am failed . Please suggest me with all possible steps .
    After some time I have updated my GW620 1.5 to 2.2 froyo by using KDZ Updater with LG GW620 Update to Froyo 2.2
    Please Help Me.

  125. Andre

    I really wonder what OpenEve and FireDroid are doing…..
    PS: @webmaster, what about compress all these comments and leave readable just a few of the latest ones?

  126. breakpc

    I buy a GW620 four days before….with Gingerbread 2.3.7 OpenEVE…..it works very good….but i need if somebody knows another ROM that works better……waiting for answer….

  127. MVMK

    Hi every one.

    can someone please help me with this:
    I flashed my phone with


    and after it came on, i couldn’t pass the android welcome screen. I touch the android but it still couldn’t remove from the welcome screen. I later on flash the phone with the system and boot but with out the gapps and it came on successfully. but as soon as i install the gapps the problem started again. thanks in advance.

  128. miko

    problem: wen i flash firedroid4.1, the firmware is not work properly : applications crashes, autorestar some time. (in the 1st time i flashed this firmware, it was work very will, but i tested anther firmware and i forget haw to flash it very will). did the problem is in:
    1)tack-off the buttery win i flashing or
    2)tack-off the SD card or
    3)drivers or
    4)usb 2 or
    5)google SDK (not installed)or
    6)java jdk-7-windows-i586 (not installed)or
    7)cashes in the phone (i must clean them)or
    8) anther issues?
    ( i use “Setup – with wipe(Recommended)” to flash)

  129. Geir

    Daaamn, i installed openetna cyanogen mod and i didnt wipe , first time install . now my phone keeps loading cyanogen mod forever , like after lgmobile , then comes this cyan circle and some thing circles it , and it stops , then wait and then circles again , and so on like 5 mins now . is it supposed to do that or i should have wiped ? and if im fuked , then can i somehow get old android back like , get that cyan shit off my phone ? does it have fastboot ?

    • Rui

      Geir, do this, If you don’t mind to install a v20 version. Installing v20 version impossibilitates you to go back to v10 version, like is dais in

      1. Connect your phone to PC with the drivers supplied from LG already installed in PC
      2. Install the file “LG_Froyo_With_Fastboot.kdz”, using the program at “http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=810271#” to update via kdz

  130. Naveen

    I have downloaded “Froyo_GW620_officially_LG.rar” file but it is asking for password. what is the password

    • breakpc

      The Password is openetna or openeve….

  131. fish

    my phone installed Latest Rom: Firedroidmod 4.1 for GW620 Android 2.3.7 but fm doesn`t work

  132. xborder

    Hi, i’m having trouble flashing v10a.. I need to flash a stock ROM and i heard that, that would be the version but i can’t flash the system file. It fails all the time. So I tried the toleROM, but the problem is that I can’t use adb. Any suggestion?

  133. nejm

    Press power, then space+menu on keyboard. See if u have fastboot. If u do.. flash rom again.

  134. mikpax

    my phone installed Latest Rom: Firedroidmod 4.1 for GW620 Android 2.3.7 it’s work very good. you can change the weather in Korean cities by entering the Italian ones. excuse my poor English

  135. Andre Guerreiro

    i used the openeve one and wifi is not working, what can i do?

  136. Mahmoud

    hi all thanks for all efforts …
    i have a problem with my gw620 with rom cyanogenmod 6.1 framware v10h .

    the problem is my keyborad didn’t match with the real .. when i press x its appear z .and z become x too .. and characters didn’t match too. and arabic keyboard dead ..
    so this beacuse i change the frameware to v10h or the rom cyanogenmod 6.1 ..
    sorry for my bad english :)
    thanks all

  137. DAO AHMED

    i have forgotten my lg gw620 user code.i have decided to flash phone with lg box octopus box after used v20d firmware phone does not power one just black screen with many message.i have tried many other firmware but same message help needed please.sorry for my bad english

  138. Help Please! :)

    i know i’m asking for too much help, but can someone make a guide with screenshot? My friend’s fone is 1.5 android and we want it upgraded to 2.3
    Can someone please help me?l
    like a guide FROM THE START.
    Thanks, please do email me at dhie_kow@yahoo.com

  139. Fortune Teller

    huh where did my coment just go?

  140. Carters Enterprise

    lol missed a typo!

  141. im_in_the_desert

    I have just upgraded my LG GW620 from 2.2 froyo to 2.3.7 gingerbread.

    It works perfectly.


    I am very grateful

  142. Mithilesh Baraily

    Please teach me how to update LG GW620 1.5 to higher version of android?

    • root

      you can use the simple guide here or you can use this guide http://torkaland.blogspot.com/2012/05/lg-eve-gw620-rogers-rooting-guide.html just remeber to use the correct baseband… here in our filemanager will find it

      • Baby O^railey


        Im currently on gb 2.3.7 and it works good enough, but i wanna do the ics, it seems to been standing still for a while, or has it been worked on? if so i would like to know whats working/known bugs, and is there a plan for the final realease? Also where do i find the ics files here? is it not under roms? Thanks in advance for any replies.

        • root

          unfortunately the developing process has stop with no ETA

  143. MIke7

    does our lg gw620 will receive an update to cyanogenmod 7.2 like the other devices??? we’ll have to wait for a version???
    and what about cm9? the project is still alive???

    • root

      unfortunately the developing process has stop

  144. RxB

    is it possible to downgrade from 2.3.7 to 1.5/1.6?

    • root

      yes its possible just install the 1.5 rom (tolerom)

  145. ilkapo

    Hi, i have a ge620 with android 2.3.4, my problem is that FM radio does not work, breaking up the signal and turns off.
    How can i fix this issue???

    • root

      try to upgrade to 2.3.7 with the latest rom the FM radio works fine

  146. CrisRS92

    this is a new page of make new roms, is the continuous of the openeve project, the rom for download is very stable..


  147. Omar

    Some one help me please.. some one who can extract the boot.img and system.img from this kdz.. http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/swdata/WEBSW/GT540F/ATCLBK/V10a_07/V10A_07.kdz
    i have the korean rom with fastboot but if i have the boot and system images i can back to my original software please help me..

  148. uniz

    i want to upgrade my GW620 to a 2.2 version how do i do that.

  149. uniz

    i want to upgrade from a 1.6 to a 2.7 how

    • root

      @uniz you can use the quick install guide from here http://cyanogenroms.com/gw_620/

      • emilia

        can teach me how to download from the beginning for my LGw620?pls reply….i hope you can teach me…..

        • root

          @emilia sorry for the delay in my response you can use our quick guide or use the following links


          • emilia

            This is very complicated for me to follow the steps given. help simplify the way how to market designation applications for LG GW620. I hope you will help me with simple steps to download. sorry if you do not really understand what I wrote. I think the LG GW620 phone very difficult to use …. please reply my message ..

  150. uniz

    i got this phone recently and lines keep appearing on my screen how do i get raid of them

  151. emilia

    why I can not download anything on my phone. I use the past 2 years. I’m confused why the phone can not register in google account for android applications.

  152. Omar

    Some one help me please.. some one who can extract the boot.img and system.img from this kdz..

    i have the korean rom with fastboot but if i have the boot and system images i can back to my original software please help me..

  153. naveen

    Can any one tell me how to edit .img & .kdz files. and which software can be used to do & their download links, Pls.

  154. Mahmoud Salama

    Sallam Allah Alekom

    i flashed ma gw620 wiz rom V20D_00 and its fast and working Ok, but ma probs is hspda network not active with this rom , sound to low and keyword buttons not match …

    i tried more to flash another rom but i can’t i stuck with V20D_00 … any help !!
    thanks anyway :)

  155. hanzo

    Hi I’m tryin to help my cuzin upgrade from 1.5 to somefin else but I don’t know wat to do with LG I’ve always been a samsung fan boy… Any Link to where I can get novice instructions

  156. Rony44v

    someone have some kdz v20 rom with fastboot? I update to v20g but dont have fastboot! HELP PLEASE

  157. riaz

    I am a newbee. Just wanted to update my lg gw620 by ur instruction. After flashing the boot img , when i try to flash system img i get the reading ‘failior’

  158. Bárbara

    I was listening to music when suddenly appeared emergency mode, then appeared blue error handler arms 11 crashed (…) I do not know what to do, I tried to reset by pressing the menu button + volume + photography and returned to the emergency mode, please help me!

  159. peter

    I am a lg gw620 user. I am having problem by 2.3.7 os. it is too slow. my brother send it to me. but I don’t know how to change os.I want 2 get back my original android 1.5 os. please bro help me. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  160. sonao

    I try install firmware this
    GW620AT-00-V10k-ESA-XX-APR-09-2010.zip (this firmware is first for my GW620)
    by USB FastBoot V0.5
    with command :
    1. fastboot -w (OKay)
    2. fastboot flash boot boot.img (OKay)
    3. fastboot flash system system.img (FAIL)

    What should I do?

    **but I can install firmware VF_v10e.
    Now My phone is Model KH5200 ,firmware 1.5 (VF_v10e), Software version: KH5200-V20g.

  161. ronalx10

    Saludos,… tengo un lg gw620 con gapps-gb-20110828-signed.zip and system-gb-20111011-signed.zip and boot-gb237-111011a,,, y todo anda muy bien pero el unico problema es que no conecta el wifi. dice error al momento de conectarlo. ¿cual es la solucion a eso? ¿cual aplicacion me serviria para conectarme al internet por medio de usb o para repara el wifi? gracias por su colaboracion….

  162. Peter

    please tell me the details process how to downgrade my lg gw620 from android 2.3.7 to android (1.5 or 2.2). Please reply me.

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